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Be a true Boss!

Be a true Boss!

Sagar Shah
By Sagar Shah
July 9, 2015

Published on LinkedIn Pulse

In this new age of multi-cultural, global and highly competitive environments in any industry, managing your team can be tough. New managers have growing responsibilities in an industry with ever-changing rules and team skills. Managing high ambitions and expectations while maximizing output and managing high risks can be stressful.

As Collins said,

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.”

So, here is my advice for new managers.

1. Culture of Freedom

  • Let people manage their own business.
  • Give your team all your responsibility, with flexibility to run things.
  • Tell them the Boss is not a ‘permission-giver’. The boss is a mentor for things they don’t understand.

2. Be Humane

  • The illusion of self-importance increases seriousness, makes us think we are indispensable and the world is giving us a tough break.
  • Be secure enough to Apologize when you are wrong. It is not a sign of weakness but of humility and ownership.
  • Congratulate when they impress you.

3. Coaching

  • Guide them to higher responsibility & learning rather than more money & higher designations.
  • Ideate to encourage thinking but let them solve.
  • Provide visibility to interact with higher ups.

4. Red-Teams & Group discussions

  • Have short (15-30 min) meetings, with specific action items.
  • Inculcate a consensus-driven culture. Encourage Red teams.
  • Group discussions are not necessarily the most effective – Do consider that some introverts may not be speaking in groups.

5. Don’t Hurt, Be Kind.

  • Let go! Don’t reprimand all mistakes.
  • Be ultra-sensitive to age, gender, race, culture, language.
  • Don’t criticize in public.
  • Take quick decisions to avoid loss of faith

One of my most favorite philosophers said –

“I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.”


About the author:

Sagar has done his B.Tech, M.Tech Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology. He has 7+ years experience as a consultant & data scientist for 10+ CPG and Retail organizations globally. He has managed C-level connects to help institutionalize analytics world-wide by scaling solutions.

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