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People Principles: Inspiring People to Excel

People Principles: Inspiring People to Excel

Saurabh Awasthi
By Saurabh Awasthi
January 29, 2015

“Our faith in freedom does not rest on the foreseeable results in particular circumstances but on the belief that it will, on balance, release more forces for the good than for the bad.”
Friedrich Hayek

After bringing a gradual evolution in people policies for years, trying different set of rules and regulations to make it more and more efficient and reading the people policies and their impact at other organizations, our executive team took a bold step to shed off all rules to regulate people and decided to make it free for all. Whenever, wherever, whichever way and with whomsoever you want to work, you are free to take your own call and what all you need to keep in mind is that Client should not be at loss and Fractal should not be at loss. Our CEO holds a strong belief in reciprocation of faith. If you show your faith in someone’s ability and integrity, he/she will show it back to you with greater extent and it happened exactly same. To some of the employees it came as a sweet shock (No one ever expected such a step form an organization) and to some others it came as an opportunity to explore different areas, to contribute the way they like to the growth of the company and to play their role in the collective growth of the company. Many of them started with a paradigm shift in their role, started taking work from home resulting in higher level of satisfaction, some of them even started taking leaves at will (without letting the work getting impacted) and few of them even chose to be on bench for some time in order to wait for right opportunity for them, a situation which seemed to sway a bit of restlessness. Management decided to give it some more time before calling it off.

It’s been a year now since Fractal started practising people principle and now it has reached to a stage when leaves, work from home and bench waste is no more a concern. On the contrary, Fractal achieved something which the oldest of the organizations still struggle to achieve with their best efforts.

Highest sense of ownership: Even the most fresher of the employee at Fractal shows the highest level of commitment towards the task they are assigned. A mail from client during a holiday or even at 12am at night is not supposed to be followed by the manager to be responded. The analyst stands up to the occasion and respond at the earliest because one thing he/she is very clear about in his/her mind that client should not be at loss and Fractal should not be at loss. People working at Fractal adjust their routine in a way that even the client call at late night should be met with all freshness and dedication and the kind of commitment and dedication people have shown towards their work has been much observed and appreciated by our client as well

Inherit desire to learn: At Fractal, an employee from analyst to the CEO himself is destined to learn and learn and learn.  No no no no, purpose is not a better job; purpose is to work with the best people, with the best team and in the best environment. Given that it’s a date culture between a manager and the team member, both of them need to accept each other to work together and this is what brings the best out of people. Employees at Fractal have a constant run for betterment to make them eligible for the team or the manager they want to work with.

Higher level of satisfaction: People principle providing enough space to its people has resulted into a higher level of satisfaction of people. A higher level of contentment has forced the people to make their choices within company itself. A happier environment has resulted in a higher level of ownership, superior degree of commitment and larger scale of competition. Now the working environment at Fractal has entered to a utopian world where higher competition and satisfaction can coexist.

With the idea of people principle getting stronger and stronger at Fractal, we are not far from a situation when we will be able to create a consulting world with competition and level of satisfaction at their individual peaks, a position where CEO of any organization would like to sit at. People principle is not only the guidelines but is an idea, an idea to promote freedom of work, freedom of expression and freedom to decide.

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